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Our Story


Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

Meet the Farmers:

We are Josh Clawson and Meghann Roberts-Clawson. We have been married for eight years and together forever before then.  We have both lived in beautiful Ashe County for basically all of our lives. We have two little farm hands that keep us on our toes!  We are die-hard App State football fans, love kayaking, hiking, traveling, and clearly - spending time on the farm.

We know all too well how much of your time can be consumed by farming; however, this is not our day job.  When you hear we’re “hemp farmers,” many people are very taken back to hear about our career paths.  We both take on very different roles in this crazy farm business.  While Josh predominately handles the farming duties, I am more of the creative side and deal with all the product development.  Regardless- we are both knowledgeable and excited to meet all of you!

About Triple Peaks Hemp:


Meg’s family began farming in 1885 when her great-grandparents started the Rich Hill Dairy.  Through the waves of agriculture, the dairy eventually turned to beef cattle, tobacco, and Christmas trees. Her grandparents’ home is located just back under the hill, which is why we were so excited to purchase this land in the first place. Rich Hill Farms is a source of great love and pride in the Roberts family and it’s what got us here today. Although Triple Peaks is an extension of Rich Hill Farms, it’s so special it needed a name all its own!

The name Triple Peaks comes from the properties spectacular view of Three Top Mountain (Triple Peaks - see what we did there?). Three Top Mountain reaches 5,020 feet at its highest peak, unofficially named “Big Rock.” Although there are 11 peaks on the 6 mile long crest - the mountain is named for the three prominent rock summits on the central spine. It’s also part of the amphibolite mountain group, containing a calcium-rich rock that is rare in the
Blue Ridge Mountains we call home.

Not only is Triple Peaks functional - but it’s also beautiful!  One of our favorites is watching a summer sunset over The Peak after working in the fields all afternoon. This farm truly is our own slice of heaven!


Triple Peaks prides itself on being a small, locally sourced operation from start to finish. We can tell you every hand that has touched our crop from the second it was planted until it comes to you as a finished product. All of our products are developed, handmade, and labeled by us!  

Untitled_Artwork 9.png

Where we came from:

Rich Hill Farms, originally operated by Meg’s great grandparents, got its start as a dairy farm in the early 1930s. Folks in the community helped our Great Granddaddy Price with the milking, eventually having to call in Granddaddy Roberts and Uncle Joe for reinforcements. Dad even recalls coming home from school and taking his wheelbarrow full of silage and chop out to “feed the girls” (Clearly he’s been at it for awhile!) The dairy bottled Grade A milk which was delivered to local businesses and schools. The farm consisted of numerous buildings including: a bull barn, a milk barn for bottling, the milking barn, and the “big barn” which houses the girls at night. Even after a century, you can still see their names written on their stalls! This farm, the memories, and the lessons we’ve learned because of it are more precious than gold.

One of the very last milk caps in existence is pictured! We are but a product of where we have been, the people who love us, and our experiences. It was important from day one that Triple Peaks was always included in Rich Hill Farms, so it was a no brainer when this decal was born.

As the years pass, crop and cattle prices may fluctuate, but one thing remains the same. Our foundation was built on family and farming and we are thankful for where it’s brought us!

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